*House concerts, private and online events, retreats, and festivals. Each offering is an exclusively tailored healing experience focusing on areas such as inspirational music, sound healing, vocal activation, yoga, guided meditation, and Intuitive Calibration Energy sessions (See below for description). These experiences are intended to support those involved in accessing safety, peace, and awareness within themselves by using their own voice, breath, body, mind, and energy to meet themselves fully with compassion, presence, and patience.

*1:1 sessions are offered for those who want to go deeper into this work outside of a group container. The same intensions of support for finding safety, peace, and awareness within one's self are held, while also bringing in your personal intention to this 1:1 container with me. This allows for us to focus fully on where you are at and what your soul is currently inviting your human to experience on your path at this time. In 1:1 work we also focus on breath, body, sound, meditation and energy to give you the tools that work best for you.

*Intuitive Calibration Sessions: Intuitive Calibration is a term I use to describe the integrative merging of several different modalities used in my hands-on work. I bring together pranic healing (a yogic energy work practice), reiki (a Japanese energy work practice), Marma Chikitsa (an Ayurvedic practice similar to acupressure), and the study of Ayurvedic medicine, through subtle hands-on and around energy points of the body to support its natural intelligence in releasing, moving, and alchemizing stagnant energy. This work is designed to assist each client in accessing deeper mind, body, and spirit harmony. Intuitive Calibration influences the body’s natural healing energy flow which supports detox, e-motional release, as well as mental clarity, intuition, and inner peace. The only way out is through, and one can expect powerful shifts energetically, emotionally, and physically from this work.


*Offerings are generally offered on a sliding scale

Please inquire directly for rates