*House concerts, private in person and online events, retreats, and festivals. Each offering is an exclusively tailored healing experience focusing on areas such as inspirational music, sound healing, vocal activation, yoga, guided meditation, and Intuitive Calibration Energy sessions (See below for description). These experiences are intended to support those involved in accessing feelings of safety, peace, and deep awareness within themselves by using their own voice, breath, body, mind, and energy and to meet themselves and others with more compassion, presence, and patience.

*1:1 sessions are offered for those who want to go deeper into this work outside of a group container with more focus on their personal goals and interests.

*Intuitive Calibration Sessions: Through various modalities such as yoga, guided breathwork, Thought field therapy (tapping), energy and bodywork, I support clients in accessing their body and spirit's natural healing intellegence to leave them feeling peaceful, present, and prepared to meet life with a more open and self aware state of being.


*Offerings are generally offered on a sliding scale

Please inquire directly for rates