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Hello All! 

Here I am; doing this thing that I have been really nervous to do, feeling vulnerable and also excited to ask for help. For those who don't know me, my name is Ashtani. I spend much of my time these days sharing yoga, body, breath, and energy work in Sedona, AZ. And, I tend to feel most alive and on purpose when I am sharing inspirational music with others. When music moves through me, I feel truly connected to my Spirit. I feel genuinely connected to Truth and to those around me. And I am so honoured by all of the reflections and requests I have continued to receive over the years to record and release more of the music I have been sharing live. 

I have been reluctant to launch this crowdfunding campaign because asking for help is an edge that, right now, I still feel very uncomfortable leaning into. Doubts about my own self-worth and the relevance of my music have been walls that I have felt stuck behind often, and I am so grateful for those of you who, with your words, your presence, your tears, your laughter, your voices and your open hearts have supported me in tearing down those walls of self-doubt and fear again and again. For those of you who weren't aware, last year, a motor vehicle collision and spinal injury began an entire shift in the trajectory of my life. That time and the months that followed took a huge toll on my mental, emotional, physical, relational, and financial health, and the doubts in myself and my purpose compounded quite a bit throughout that chapter. As my  health continues to improve in all areas, I have been inspired to make music a priority again, and it feels like time to start recording professionally this summer! 

As you may or may not know, recording music is quite an investment of time, energy, and finances, and right now, I do not have the overflow of funds to make the next project happen by myself. I need your support to get more of this music out into the world in a professional way while also fully honouring all those involved in the co-creation process! This fully produced album can cost anywhere from $10,000-$15,000 to make, accounting for studio time, musician/vocalist time, mixing, mastering, distribution, album art etc (a full breakdown of our first single costs are below in FAQ). "Hine Ma Tov (How Great it is)" is the first song we will be working on with the incredible musicians and producers of the band Tow'rs. It’s going to be an amazingly beautiful piece of art full of heart, soul, co-creation, and community collaborations, including Emilia Ann of Divine and Human (demo samples below). All we need to continue production is to gather more funding support. I have many options for how you can be a part of this energy exchange linked below, including 1:1 experiences and downloadable music for purchase! I want this to be as mutually supportive as possible, and I'm so grateful for anything you feel able to contribute.

Thank you in advance from the depths of my soul for any support you are able to offer towards this music coming more to life and into the world in a bigger way! I couldn’t do this alone. 

In gratitude and service, 


Sample of hine Ma tov (ft. divine and human)

**Donations of $20 or more will always receive downloadable music.  Additional tier options and music downloads listed below...

Contribution gift options

Tier 1

Donations of $55 will receive the album download plus a 30 minute chat/serenade via zoom!

Tier 2

 Donations of $111 will receive the album download and a 60 minute chat/serenade via zoom or in person (Sedona)

Tier 3 

Donations of $555 will receive the album download and a 60 minute chat plus a 90 min concert for you and your friends and family (via zoom or in person for Verde Valley residents)

**Donations above $555 receive $555 tier gifts and more!

Payment options


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