My name is Ashtani. Welcome to my webpage! I feel grateful you created the space and time to visit. As you have landed on the “About” section, I’ll tell you a bit about myself.

Through much of my youth and adult life I struggled with emotional instability, psychiatric medication and drug/alcohol addiction. By the grace of Spirit, amazing teachers and teachings, and lots of self-discipline, over the years I have awakened to deeper levels of peace, self-awareness, and joy than I had ever known to be possible after being so “broken down”, depressed, angry, and shameful for so much of my life. Over 7 years ago now, I stepped out of the “hamster wheel” of the western medical system, and devoted myself to studying, embodying, and sharing the gifts, practices, and teachings that have saved my life, time and time again. Yoga, Ayurveda, energy work, music, and animal and nature therapy are each areas of study, play, and service that continue to allow for me to access my true and authentic nature; the true and authentic love and presence that we are and have access to at all times, no matter how dark it may get.

I’m no stranger to the shadows of this human experience, and I truly believe our shadows, triggers, and traumas hold our greatest power and potential for the embodiment of our wholeness and truth. I recognize that our "angels and demons are on the same side". I’ve been to some of the darkest and scariest spaces within myself and experience, and on the other side, I realize that my deepest joy is sharing loving presence with others, wherever they are at, through heart-centered connection and co-creative experiences. Because I’ve been to the depths within myself, I am confident and comfortable holding others as they navigate their own shadows into the light of awareness, love and truth. In both group and one on one settings I offer guided breathwork, meditation, yoga, and interactive musical and vocal activating experiences. These experiences offer a safe and compassionate space for those involved to explore the deep and vast spaces within themselves where pain is often trapped and waiting to be acknowledged, released, alchemized and reclaimed into one’s greatest power and potential. I have worked in many different settings with all ages and backgrounds, including with veterans struggling with PTSD and individuals suffering from mental health challenges and addiction. My approach is both trauma and somatically informed, I love to dive deep with those I work with, and at the same time, I enjoy keeping things light-hearted and playful wherever possible. My original music, which you can find here and on all other platforms, is inspired by my own life challenges and breakthroughs, and the mantras I love to weave into these shares have been and continue to be medicine for me during times of my own integration of big life lessons.

We are living during one of the most challenging and at the same time, one of the most powerful times in human history, and now more than ever compassion, love, and self-awareness are needed in order to not only survive these times of change, but to thrive.  Whether it’s through breathwork, music, yoga, energy work, or 1:1 guidance, I would love to support you on your journey to your most aligned and authentic Self; to hold your hand and highest vision with you as you step into your greatest potential. If this resonates, please feel free to contact me or see my offerings page to explore further.

In gratitude and service,

Ashtani Aksh