My first Crowdfunded Album! 

Hello soul family! 

I'm so excited to share this campaign with you! 

Since my most recent EP, Shine On, was released in 2020, the world got super weird, as we all know. At that time, I was called to action in a way I wasn't expecting; to focus my services at a holistic mental health facility, and I put music creation on the back burner as my energy was focused in showing up there and staying healthy as I did. Since then, I have been blessed with many opportunities to share my music in other beautiful ways with people from many different walks of life. The feedback I have been receiving has been profound, and I have received resounding requests to make more of my songs even more accessible in the world.

This year has been particularly challenging for so many of us, and I have been no exception to the way the universe has been powerfully calling us all up and into our true selves. Financially, emotionally, physically, relationally, and psychologically I have been tested and brought to my very humbled knees more times than I can count this past year, and music has been one of the only things that makes sense of all the pain and confusion. For me, music gives my pain and confusion a voice, a platform, and an opportunity to transform into the purest form of self-expression, strength, and truth. Ultimately, music alchemizes my pain and confusion into love and trust and empowers me to keep putting one foot in front of the other, one breath at a time. I have witnessed and been told these songs do that for others as well. So often I'm told, "You put into words what I've been feeling and just couldn't express." It's so beautiful and humbling to receive these reflections, and they inspire me to keep doing what I love doing.

We are all living in this co-created reality together, and while our characters and storylines may vary, our human experience is a universal one. I am honoured that these songs chose me to receive and express them for everyone who can relate, and I would be honoured and grateful to receive your support in co-creating the next album! Your loving funds will support the recording, mixing, mastering, and distribution of my next record as well as to compensate the incredibly gifted musicians that will co-create it with me. Our goal is to reach at least $10,000, a typical budget for a full-length studio album. All additional funding will go toward additional singles and travel expenses for sharing and promoting at events, retreats, and festivals, so please feel free to keep the donations rolling in even after we reach our goal! I'm so excited to get started! Thank you in advance for your support. I'm really looking forward to keeping you posted on all the progress! Visit my website for blog updates and opportunities to get involved in other fun and creative ways! 

In gratitude and love, 


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